Friday, February 20, 2009

A Stick In The Mud

It would be easy to be a stick in the mud this week, or at least stuck in the mud. The warmer temps (the couple of inches of snow on Tuesday night that surprised us notwithstanding) have thawed the surface layer, meaning that it’s not a good time for heavy equipment in some areas. Ripping up those areas with heavy-axle vehicles would mean we’d spend our time repairing the grounds in the coming months rather than moving forward with projects.

The new grounds will affect the Wisconsin Public Service Farm Show, which will be coming to the grounds at the end of March, as it has for the past several years. We’ll make sure the heavy equipment they use or display stay on the hard surfaces or area that have not been disturbed by last fall’s major earth moving.

One of the things the crews are doing this week, though, is the annual tree trimming in Camp Scholler. As the trees there grow, they always to sprout new branches on the lower levels. We have to trim them back during the winter so they don’t hit motorhomes that park near the trees this summer, or that the motorhomes don’t tear out branches and damages the trees. It’s one of those little things that most people never think about when they’re in Camp Scholler, but it’s always on the list of yearly maintenance items.

An addition that we’re going to be starting soon is a new pavilion in the Warbirds area. This pavilion will replace the tent that has exists next to the Warbirds “tower” for many years, and will be roughly the same size. The Warbirds will use it for a variety of programs and for hospitality events.

Finally, a quick update on the Founders’ Wing inside the museum, which you’ll see during AirVenture this year. It’s looking very good and is on schedule for a July opening. The heating and air conditioning units will be installed next week, and we hope to start painting the ceiling and walls by the end of February.

As we move toward March the start of spring, there are a lot of pent-up projects that are ready to roll. All we need is good weather to get going.

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