Thursday, May 20, 2010

Springing into a lot of action

Even though it's been a few months since I last blogged, that doesn't mean we don't have any site updates to report. With the sun finally shining and the skies clearing (after a very moist April), we've made significant progress on several projects that will enhance everyone's AirVenture experience. Thanks for your patience, and without further ado here are the updates you've been waiting for!

Thanks to our partnership with ScottsMiracleGro, you're going to see many redesigned improvements to the vastly popular Warbirds area with the goal of creating an even better atmosphere. New this year is the Scotts Grass Strip, which will surround a newly expanded area for Warbirds aircraft and presentations. A 300x100-foot concrete pad, allowing for more hard surface parking and taking some pressure off AeroShell Square for warbird aircraft, is over halfway to completion. An addition to the Warbirds building will be completed next week, and will support additional sales opportunities and enhance the registration process. Details of the permanent Veterans Tribute area are currently being wrapped up and, once finalized, it will take about three weeks to construct. With spring in full bloom, landscaping throughout the Warbirds area will begin in the next two weeks.

As you can see in the photos below, all the structural steel for the Hangar C expansion is erected and in place. Next up is putting on the skin, which should be finished by the middle of next week. With the exterior of Hangar C just about completed, we can turn our focus to the interior. The air handlers have arrived and we will soon be working on the interior air system. Construction of the restrooms in Hangar C is also progressing nicely as we will begin work on the plumbing in the next two weeks.

One of the more anticipated amenity improvements to the site is the installation of electrical hookups to some Camp Scholler campsites. I am happy to report that the hookups are up and running in about 250 sites, in plenty of time for the campground's traditional opening day on June 25. All that's left to do between now and then is finish up some minor landscaping on these sites, which are 25 feet wide and 50 feet deep.

These campsites, outlined in the red area below, will only be offered upon arrival and based on a stay through the end of the fly-in, with no refund for unused days. Those who have already purchased camping credentials can upgrade to the improved sites, priced at $42/day, if any are available simply by paying the price difference when they arrive.

We started work this week on the new North 40 shower, beginning with the underground plumbing. After that is completed, we will be pouring concrete in about two weeks. The modular building is currently being constructed and will arrive during the second week of June. From there, we anticipate it should take three weeks to install and be ready to go by early July.

And finally, in the upcoming weeks, we will begin work on putting in a new bike path that will connect the North 40 to the Main Gate area and the existing bike path. This will allow attendees to gain access to various points from the path, including Camp Scholler. This quick project should be completed by the end of June.

We are just a little more than two months away from AirVenture 2010. There is plenty to do before then, but we are confident it will all come together. Check back for more updates and photos soon (we promise)!

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How about some more updates more regularly? Some of us can hardly stand not hearing about what is going on up there! LOL