Monday, November 10, 2008

Playing With Trucks and Dirt

I’m a pretty cool guy to my two young sons right now, because they think Dad is playing in the greatest sandbox ever. It is pretty incredible when I look around the site, especially the 200 acres or so that is directly affected by the first part of the AirVenture site plan work. The look changes each day with the heavy machines running around out here, so it’s a very exciting time on the grounds.

Some parts of the project have already been talked about, such as the new pedestrian routes that give someone coming to AirVenture a choice of three paths to unique destinations when they first walk through the main gate.

But today, I want to talk about stormwater drainage. That may sound dull, but the system going in here is state-of-the-art stuff. It’s been used in the eastern U.S. but never in a project of this scale. Last week we finished filling a 230,000-cubic foot underground retention area with clear stone. This is in addition to underground “cells” below the new walkways that will drain rainwater from those areas and into the large retention area. That storm water will then naturally drain into the groundwater system and head toward Lake Winnebago, instead of overwhelming ditches and ponds on the site.

More than 2,000 truckloads of stone were brought onto the site to fill the cells and large retention area. The best part is that when it’s all done, you won’t even notice it. You’ll walk over the cells under the new thoroughfares. The new Fly Market and exhibit spaces southwest of Exhibit Hangar D will stand over the underground retention area. The underground location will eliminate the problems with large above-ground retention ponds, such as algae and bugs.

I’ll be telling you a lot more about the project in the coming weeks. Right now, though, I’m heading back to the big sandbox.


Robin said...

Hi Steve,
I am Robin Johnston. I have visited the airport site now known as the EAA since I was 2yrs old. It sounds like your job that you are doing will be wonderful for the EAA grounds and the surrounding community. The Oshkosh area around the EAA and South side of Oshkosh will hopefully have a drier more comfortable feel in the air and around the surrounding area. It is nice to read your email. Thank you for sending it.
Robin Johnston

Anonymous said...

As long as I've known you, Steve you've always liked playing with trucks!

Have fun with the sand, too!


Mike said...

Is there any way to see an overall site plan/map?

Thanks for the update.

Mike Woodson
EAA 93559

Anonymous said...

I am glad that this work is being done. My biggest hope is that the chances of being hit by motorized traffic is reduced. Last year there were waaay too many vehicles on the main thoroughfares causing frustration for their drivers as well as the pedestrians. Please limit the number of motorized vehicles as well as provide new pathways!

Tim said...

Nice way to keep members aware of the project. How about a link to some project information such as what is being done and what will it look like?

Al said...

Hi Steve,
All those changes will take some geeting used to for those of us who have been coming for work parties since Pauls Woods was a briar patch. It all looks great, but will that grass be ready to mow during our May workparty?
Happy Holidays to all.
Alan White

Earl said...

I too have attended for ~30 yrs. Nice to see the progress as it happens.

If it reduces the vehicular traffic greatly, it will be really GOOD thing!

Additional trams would help my tired legs and feet as the site spreads.

Thanks for your efforts! Earl

Jeff Boatright said...

All sounds great, especially cutting down on VIP vehicles and more access for bikes. But...

Trees? Will there be more trees? Paul's Woods was saturated with campers when I started going in '86. It would be great to have an "Earl's Forest" and a "Tom's Glen" and a ...

See, the public is never satisfied! :)