Monday, November 24, 2008

Some new looks

There was new snow covering the grounds this morning, which took us a little by surprise. For the maintenance crews, that meant the first practice of the winter drill: Get out the plows and move snow from all the driveways and parking lots.

Before the snow arrived, we received these photos from Bob Lumley, who is a Vintage Aircraft Association board member. These were taken last Saturday (Nov. 22) and give an excellent view on some of what you’ll be seeing next year.

This first photo shows a view generally from west to east. Near the bottom right of the photo, you’ll see the new main gate area near the bottom of the ‘V’, and the new Forest Home Avenue that will bend around it. One other thing in the lower left of the photo: Note how much larger the bus stop circle is compared to past years. That will ease the congestion at prime times, such as after the air show each day. We're also moving the museum shuttle to this location to eliminate the confusion when there are two bus stop areas close to one another.

The second photo is a view from south to north. One thing to point out here is the new exhibit area just north of AeroShell Square. Such well-known facilities as the Chapter House, Young Eagles Building, Lost-And-Found, International Visitors Tent and more will be relocated for 2009. As those locations are finalized, we’ll have more details for you on exact locations.

I promised I’d answer a question or two when I can, so here’s the first one: Is there a larger map that will show the site plan in its entirety? The answer is yes, and we’re working to get one posted as soon as possible. We’re trying to do one better, too, by posting a map that will show what you can generally expect on the grounds just in 2009, while also describing what might be coming in future years.

Finally, I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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EAA230577 said...

Hey Steve,

Things are looking great! I hope the weather cooperates with the construction so things will look all pretty by the show!

p.s. don't forget to drop in conduit and fiber!