Thursday, January 8, 2009

It’s New, But It’s Vintage

We’ve talked a lot about changes near the relocated Main Gate, but there are several other projects taking place on the grounds that you’ll notice in 2009. One new building is near the Vintage Aircraft Association Red Barn.

That building will be replacing the tents that have been used in past years for Vintage type club events and workshop demonstrations. The tents were a workable solution, anyone who’s been in there knows the problems bad weather or soft ground cause.
As the photo by H.G. Frautschy shows, the concrete forms are set for the new 75-by-100 foot facility, which will be located next to the Red Barn. This photo looks northeast from behind the new building's site. Type-club events and workshops will go in there, as will some functions such as the vintage association’s data services, administration and so forth.

That means the concession buildings in that area will also be on the move. The small ice cream stand that was in front of the Vintage Red Barn will now go bewteen the Red Barn and Theater in the Woods, along what’s known as Vern Avenue. Its former location will be used for special vintage aircraft displays and some informal vintage aircraft forums, similar to the popular “Warbirds in Review” activities.

The Classic Café just south of the Red Barn will be reconfigured and move just a little farther south along Wittman Road.

This week’s question of the week is about the bike corral at the east end of Camp Scholler. That moved a couple hundred yards to the west in 2008 to eliminate the conflict with cars entering Lot D parking. That bike corral will likely stay that new location in 2009, but it may be redesigned a little because of the drainage from the relocated Flymarket south and west of Hangar D. The idea is to keep the bikes and the walk from the bike corral as dry as possible (something that wasn’t always easy in the old location).

The best way to enter the grounds after parking a bike will be through Gate 19, just south of Exhibit Hangars D & B, which is much quicker than walking down the Camp Scholler road past Lot D.

Thanks again for reading and for your questions!

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Anonymous said...

There used to be bicycle parking on the south side of Hangar C which was nice for people that weren't staying in Camp Scholler. I don't see that parking in the new plan - is that going away? 1 bicycle location does not seem like enough space.