Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some Year-End Mop-Up

The Christmas break came at exactly the right time last week. Over the course of four days, it snowed twice, rained hard for one day, and then came ice and snow before it turned colder again. We got a little break early this week, though, so work can continue.

The major project is moving the main admission buildings into place at the relocated main gate. These are the largest buildings to be moved in this year’s project, so extra care is needed to make sure we don’t put strain on the walls, floors and roof beams. We hope to have that completed this week – weather permitting, of course.

In the vintage aircraft area, we’re forming concrete for the base of the new workshops building near the Vintage “Red Barn.” We’ll tell you more about that in the coming weeks. It’ll be a nice addition to replace the tents there.

This week also gives a chance to answer a couple more questions. Another tree question: Could any uses be made for any trees that were cut down during the project? First off, you’ll be happy to know that we didn’t cut any of the big oak or hickory trees on the site. We worked around them. The ash trees that could be moved were taken to some of the areas I described in earlier posts. We did have to cut a few that were too large to be moved but too small to be taken for wood products. Those will go in the firewood pile.

If you want to help save trees on the site, let me add this: Please, please do not bring your own firewood to AirVenture in 2009. There’s a real threat from the emerald ash borer (shown below) traveling in firewood brought from other states.

This insect could really hurt our trees on the grounds. So please obtain your firewood from local Oshkosh sources, since the ash borer hasn’t come to our area in great numbers yet.

Next question: With all the emphasis on the new main gate, will the other entry gates still be operating in 2009? Yes, they will. The gates near the warbird area and the Green and Red auto parking lots will be still be open because of the changing flow of visitors each day on the site. Eventually that may change, but not in 2009.

Thanks for reading and for your questions, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!


EAA278710 said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks to you and everyone involved with these wonderful improvements. We are pleased to see so much positive change.
There is one area we would hope you can be sure to address. As long-time attendees and volunteers (24 years) we have found it nearly impossible to get back onto the grounds with a vehicle if we leave in the afternoon and want to get back to enjoy the Theater In The Woods. Many people like to go off-site for a meal, or in our case to get something at the house where we stay in town. One time we were able to beg our way into and through Camp Scholler in order to get to the main parking lot. They were kind enough to give us an escort through and we didn't miss too much of the show! Please consider that even though the majority of people are trying to leave, there are people trying to come in late in the afternoon. We start our volunteer tasks early in the morning and sometimes don't spend the entire day on site, but like to come back for the evening programs.
Thanks again,
Henry H. EAA278710
Departure Briefing Co-chair

Anonymous said...

What changes will be made to bicycle parking? I've noticed that the bicycle parking areas keep getting pushed farther back from entrance gates. A bicycle is a perfect way to get from the edges of Camp Scholler to the grounds, but trying to find a spot to park it has been getting harder since more space seems to be given to VIP car parking every year.