Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Inside Job (or Two)

Our outdoor activities this week have been limited due to snow removal and clearing. This has been one wild month for winter weather. I’m sure just about everybody in the northern half of the U.S. agrees. I saw they even had snow in Las Vegas last week!

Maybe next week we can get back to moving buildings. Since the weather and the holiday week have pretty well stopped any outdoor site activities, I'll tell you a little more about what you'll see at AirVenture 2009 inside the EAA AirVenture Museum.

Thousands of people come through the museum during AirVenture. One of the new areas making its grand opening during AirVenture 2009 is the new Founder’s Wing. This will be in the area that formerly housed the museum’s restoration shop.

This area will have two levels: The upper level will showcase EAA’s history and have some of the early archives of the organization. This will be on an overlook that will be accessible from the museum’s mezzanine. On the lower level will be a large public space for presentations, receptions and so forth. It gives us additional space and saves us from having to move airplanes in and out every time an event takes place in the museum.

Construction is coming along very well, as you see below.

Some of the archives previously housed in that area will also be moving. Two archives rooms have been built in the area that was formerly the Goldwater Conference Room, just down the stairs from the museum’s main entrance. One of the rooms will be for paper archives, while other will be used for photo and video archives. This project also creates a new entrance for the Vette Theater, which is a popular presentation area during AirVenture.

All this means we have quite a few staff members who are working out of temporary quarters this winter while all these projects are going on. It’s been a hectic few months both inside and out.

Finally, Merry Christmas to everyone!


DFNC said...

wow, you guys are really breakin out all the stops on this job. I'm really looking foward to seeing the results in a few months, keep up the progress, warmer weather is only 2 months away. then again, it's wisconsin!

Skyeswom said...

Do you have a listing of what's moving? Just so we know what to look up when we come in next summer.