Thursday, December 11, 2008

It’s Been Snow Going…

Wow … it’s already been a heck of a week here on the grounds. Starting Monday afternoon, the snow front moved in. By Tuesday afternoon, we had about 10 inches of new snow. Most of the maintenance crew spent some long hours moving snow around, especially since we had the museum’s big “Christmas in the Air” open house on Monday evening.

On Wednesday, we got some AirVenture site items under way again. The EAA Sweepstakes building was being moved to its new location at the EAA Member Village/Welcome Center intersection just west of AeroShell Square.

That meant plowing pathways for the building movers as they carried the building to its new position, which is where the FLYING Magazine merchandise tent was last year.

The snow is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it makes getting from Point A to Point B much longer on a specific job. For instance, the snow keeps the frost from penetrating too far into the ground, which is good since we still want to pour some concrete before Christmas. It’s bad at the same time because, naturally, you can’t pour concrete over snow. So the snow has to be removed from some of those areas. But then the frost would get into the ground. So we’ve had to put blankets over some of the cleared turf to keep it warm enough to place concrete forms.

This week’s item in the Q&A file is about shade: We’ve been asked about additional trees on the site. One thing we’ve been able to do is move dozens of trees from areas that are being developed and place them in public gathering areas that needed more shade.

For instance, in 2009 you’ll additional shade trees near Exhibit Hangar A, near the food court next to the Wearhouse and in other areas. We lost fewer than 10 of those trees during the move – some were too big to be moved safely – and we believe the moved trees will do well come next spring.


Paul said...

Hi Steve,
I participated in one of the focus groups back during the 2007 convention on the site changes. There's one thing EAA members don't have a shortage of: opinions. I see the artist drawing of the entrance plaza got changed due to our comments. The airplanes sitting there aren't all warbirds now. :-)
One thing I didn't get to ask was regarding car parking. With the increased emphasis on the main entrance, will the red/orange/green lots still be operated? Also, will the warbirds and vintage entrance gates still be active?

Steve Ottaviano said...

Steve, Best of luck with the site development. We're really looking forward to having our Kodiak on display there!

Steve Ottaviano, JAARS Asst. Dir. for Flight Standards

Anonymous said...

Glad to here you are adding shade to more spots. Starting a few trees in other outlying areas and a few in Camp Scholler would be nice. There might even be the opportunity for people to donate toward the purchase of more trees. With construction in the area has anyone thought of asking for the trees in an area to be clear cut?
Thank you for saving Dolittle.