Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday 7/26 update #1: Aircraft arrivals

After a look at the grounds this morning and meeting with all the aircraft ops staff and volunteers, showplane arrivals will resume this morning. Pilots of showplanes should listen to the Wittman Regional Airport ATIS at 125.9 or access it by phone at 866-493-5553, to determine the exact time when showplane arrivals will be accepted.

The North 40 is still being evaluated, with the goal of opening it sometime today. The pace of other arrivals will determine the exact time.

All areas continued to dry late yesterday and overnight, and sunshine with light breezes today promise to give the field even more drying time.

Complete aircraft parking information is available online at

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****************** said...

Hi Steve,

Could you tell me how (or direct me to someone who can tell me how) to move my plane from the ramp by Sonex to GAC (when it is open).

Do I need to contact ground? Is there a procedure for taxiing across the active runway?

Thank you.