Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday 7/26 update #7: Aircraft arrivals

Updated aircraft parking information is available online at

Aircraft arrivals are still coming to the area, and today was an excellent day for drying. The airport is still closed to nearly all arrivals, but the plan is to open aircraft parking and camping areas on Monday. The exact times will be announced Monday after the morning evaluation of the parking areas.

The first priority will be to clear Taxiway Papa (parallel and west of Runway 18/36), which has been used for temporary parking. Homebuilts and vintage aircraft are parked there and also on Taxiway P-2. Some other area are also being considered in case additional temporary parking is needed.

Fond du Lac Airport is now filled. Appleton (ATW) is accepting aircraft for parking only, while Manitowoc (MTW) is accepting aircraft for parking and camping.

In the warbird area, there was a steady flow of arrivals. L-Birds and T-6s were being parked on grass.

Crews are evaluating all parking areas through the evening and will do so again starting at sunrise on Monday. All parking and arrival decisions will be based on the ability to safely park aircraft and maintaining safety on the grounds.


Ying Gao said...

Thank you EAA Staff for providing most updated information!

Good job!

Ying Gao

Anonymous said...

Ooops - Sunday was 7/25 -- you don't want people to think that they still can't land at EAA on Monday! Best of luck on drying out!! ;-)