Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday 7/25 update #4: Aircraft arrivals

As always, updated information on aircraft parking is available at

There have been plenty of arrivals today, with showplanes (homebuilt, vintage, warbirds, etc.) taking priority. North 40/general aviation campers have been asked to re-route to Fond du Lac (which has camping) or Appleton (parking only).

The vintage parking area has received a large number of arrivals, including and are using Taxiway Papa to stage the aircraft while dry parking spots are being found. "The "paved ditch" area might also be available if necessary to accommodate vintage and homebuilt aircraft temporarily.

In the homebuilt area, the P-1 taxiway is being used, and more areas are drying for homebuilt parking and camping. Aircraft will be set in those areas as conditions allow.

In warbirds, some of the L-Birds are being brought onto turf parking this afternoon, but the heavy bomber row will neeed at least today to dry adeqautely.

Fond du Lac Airport (FLD) does have aircraft camping, and has closed Runway 9/27 to allow additonal parking and camping. There is no camping at Appleton, only aircraft parking.

Also, in grass aircraft camping areas, no fuel trucks are being allowed in the aircraft rows, to prevent ruts and other problems. Pilots who have aircraft parked on temporary hard surfaces at Wittman Regional Airport also should remember that they must wait for transportation and cannot walk over active runways and taxiways. They also cannot return to their aircraft across those areas without permission.

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