Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday 7/25 update #8: Drive-in camping

Camping registration will continue into the evening at Camp Scholler, as long as there is available and usable sites, difficulties with maneuvering campers in the dark, or a lack of arriving campers. If that situation occurs, a controlled shutdown of camping registration for the evening -- meaning that the entry way would be cleared but no further arrivals would be accepted -- would take place and registration would begin again at 7 am Monday.

More space is being created in Camp Scholler on an incremental basis, allowing groups of 5 or 6 tent or light camping units to move into positions at one time. That's a major improvement over the 1 or 2 at a time that was common on Saturday.

Large units are now being escorted to the Winnebago County Fairgrounds on the north side of Oshkosh. That facility has plenty of room to accommodate the Class A rigs and other large camping units.

For the off-site camping areas, we appreciate everyone's patience and hearty attitudes. It's certainly different than past years at Oshkosh. In addition, every local business or governmental unit EAA contacted has been willing and eager to assist. It shows the support the community has for everyone who attends AirVenture.

For all those off-site areas, portable toilets and dumpsters have been provided. Shuttle service is being established to the AirVenture grounds. A daily update of information and outlook is being published and distributed to each of those areas, and an EAA representative is present at each area to answer questions.

During the day, we're trying to work with the bigger units to get them out of line and started to the alternate site as quickly as possible. Sometimes it can be a wait, but the volunteers and staff are working as quickly as possible (more volunteers are always welcome each year, by the way...).

We'll continue to evaluate the progress of the grounds throughout the evening and tomorrow morning, and keep you posted as to changing conditions. Thanks again!


BlueBeadMan said...

B-R-A-V-O and HOORAY for the cheerful friendly VERY OVERWORKED and extremely underpaid campground staff!!! You have certainly dealt with an incredible nightmare weather condition with class, dignity, and determination! Three MAJOR cheers for EAA!!! It may have been crazy getting here, but the party's set to begin and nothing's going stop the fun!!!

whitefoxbeads said...

Thanks for the excellent updates Steve. Have been following your posts all throughout our drive north, and it has really helped us with our decision making.