Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday 7/31 update #2: Drive-in camping

Normal operations continue to take place at Camp Scholler, as they have since Thursday. Camping units of all sizes are being accommodated as they arrive.

Campers at off-site locations earlier in the week should have received all information regarding refunds and credits.

There is no significant rain the forecast that would change normal operations through the end of the event tomorrow. If conditions do warrant a change, it would be announced before the event.

We have received some questions from campers about procedures that, unfortunately, we could not answer because they were posted without a return e-mail or contact information. Those questions are welcome, but contact info does need to be included if you'd like a response.

Since there's just one night remaining, this will be the last drive-in camping blog post unless conditions warrant an update. Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding during this most challenging year, and especially thanks to all the volunteers for their dedication and long hours to make it happen!

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