Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday 7/26 update #4: Aircraft arrivals

As always, updated aircraft parking information is available at

At about 7 pm CDT, general aviation (North 40) parking and camping was closed for the evening. A late influx of aircraft filled the available parking positions and and surrounding taxiways. It will take until dark to move those aircraft to parking and camping positions.

The situation will be evaluated again on Tuesday morning before deciding when to open.

Showplane camping and parking remains open, however, until NOTAM daily closure time of 8 pm CDT.

Fond du Lac (FLD) has re-opened to all camping and parking arrivals, and Appleton (ATW) is accepting parking arrivals. Manitowoc and West Bend are also accepting parking and camping arrivals.


apopto5 said...

Hi Steve, great Blog. For those of us looking to come in Tuesday AM are the conditions in GAC due to just to many aircraft at one time arriving, or an issue with the field conditions. Should we expect normal operations on Tuesday?

Mike said...

Are airplanes in the north forty getting to parking under their own power or being pushed/towed?