Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday 7/24 update #5: Drive-in camping

Campers are still lining up to check in at AirVenture. Tent campers are being allowed to find a dry spot of their choosing in the campground. They are encouraged to find a location and settle in instead of driving excessively in the campground roads.

With the conditions, the emphasis is on finding suitable locations, so the usual boundaries between handicapped, 24-hour generator and other areas are no longer being used.

The big rigs are still being held to the hard surfaces, in and out of Camp Scholler.

The volunteers are doing a great job on every level -- greeting campers, escorting them to positions and providing services to those who might find themselves "in a little too deep" on certain roadways.

Some areas in the campground, especially those on higher knolls that are receiving direct sunlight, are beginning to dry.

There's still more than a day to go before opening day, and with good weather forecast, the status is aimed at steady improvement.

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