Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday update 7/25 #1: Aircraft arrivals

Good morning! The homebuilt and vintage aircraft parking volunteers are starting to bring some showplanes into parking positions, but it's still somewhat slow. Want to make sure to do it right. Sometimes it's move 20 feet to advance 5.

In homebuilt, the RV parking area seems to be doing the best, with airplanes being positioned there.

Vintage aircraft areas are drying slowly and volunteers there are being careful to preserve aircraft and the turf. Some locations are dry; some have mushy ground or visibile water.

In warbirds, there is a enough hard surface parking to welcome expected arrivals today. Lighter aircraft are being placed on the turf on an individual basis. There are some spots drying well with others that are still quite soft.

We're encouraging North 40/general transient aircraft to use Appleton and Fond du Lac at least for today. The ATIS information is also stating that. That will allow us to get showplanes parked and free up more room if we need hard surface to park North 40 aircraft. So your help is much appreciated.

The AirVenture Cup racers will stay in Fond du Lac for the time being before coming up as a mass arrival.

The crews have done a marvelous job and working as fast as conditions allow. They are checking all areas of the field each hour to see what areas may be opening. Taxiway Papa will continue to be used as a staging area before homebuilts and vintage aircraft are parked. If conditions remain soft, other options could be considered as well.

The next meeting is late this morning, so we'll have an update after that. Thanks for your patience!

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