Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday 7/26 update #2: Drive-in camping

Another good day means more drying in Camp Scholler. While it's still not ready for the Class A camping units yet, it's much better. It will be at least a day or two before those large units can be placed in Camp Scholler.

The Winnebago County Fairgrounds have been a godsend for parking large units, since there is plenty of space. All the off-site areas are receiving dumpsters, portable toilets and shuttle service, as well as a daily printed piece that answers various questions.

For those in Camp Scholler, if there are logistics items that need assistant, please let the camper security or registration people know. With the road conditions in the campground, some roads are still very muddy, making logistics difficult.

Camper registration closed last night once again after sunset. It was almost impossible to gauge the formness of specific areas in the dark, and we didn't want to make the wrong guess without seeing the site.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding during this most memorable year in Camp Scholler!

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