Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday 7/24 update #3: Drive-in camping

Here's the latest on what's happening at Camp Scholler:

EAA volunteers are selectively placing tent campers in Camp Scholler on high ground. As conditions continue to dry areas of the campground, more tent campers can be allowed in.

All other camping units, including motorhomes, fifth-wheels, and pull-behind units, are allowed to register, then guided to hard surface areas off the EAA site for temporary parking. This procedure keeps those larger units from becoming stuck on the grounds, and also preserves the grounds.

We've been in contact with many people throughout Oshkosh, and had an outstanding response. You'll see units parked in the Aviation Plaza lot just northwest of the airport, the former Russ Darrow Kia lot across Highway 41, the former Sears/Kmart store on Koeller Ave., and other locations. Thanks to everyone who has pitched in welcome our guests. These areas should handle the camper influx today.

The campground is being assessed on an hourly basis to determine what areas are suitable for tents, and when larger units can be brought in.

Everyone's spirits have been great and almost everyone has been very understanding. And just to show the sense of humor hasn't been lost, we leave you with this photo from this morning, showing the "no-wake zone" along one of the roadways. Sun's out right now, and we still have 1.5 days until opening day to get ready!

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