Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday 7/28 update #2: Drive-in camping

While Tuesday night's rains were not as heavy as expected, the rain does prevent the entry of Class A-type rigs and motorhomes to Camp Scholler this morning. The situation will coninue to be monitored through the day.

Units that were parked at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds have been moved to Camp Scholler or other locations. Almost all other units that wished to return to Camp Scholler have been accommodated. Campers in all off-site areas have been informed as to credit policies for campers in those areas.

Tent campers and light units are being accommodated at Camp Scholler at all times.

Sun and wind today is expected to dry the grounds further.


SuziT3773 said...

Thanks Steve;
We are planning on coming to Camp Scholler on Friday with our big class A. Will we be able to get in?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all you're doing to get the grounds ready after the rains saturated things. I do have a couple questions for those of us in the big rigs:

1) Will WIFI be available via some means in those locations removed from Camp Scholler?

2) We love the movies each night - it's part of what makes this so much fun for everyone. If we're in a remote site, will we still be able to attend the evening movies and, if so, how?

3) The Saturday balloon launch and night air show will draw quite a few folks, I'm sure - it's got our attention ;-) How will the folks in remote sites be able to attend these events?

WIFI is important since I may have to work anywhere - even when on vacation - and without it, I'm unable to join in the activity. The other events are must-see activities for our family.

Again, thanks for the updates and I hope the weather cooperates from here on in.