Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday 7/28 update #1: aircraft parking

Complete aircraft parking informnatuon is always available at

Taxiway issues at Oshkosh are expected to keep General Aviation aircraft parking areas closed for much or all of this morning.

Overnight rains have not been as heavy as anticipated. However, numerous spots of soft ground are still interspersed among solid areas in the General Aviation Camping and Parking areas. Crews continue to survey the grounds to locate areas that are safe for aircraft parking and that are also accessable from Oshkosh runways. Special metal matting has been placed in critical soft spots on the turf taxiways.

Modified taxi procedures are being used to provide access to General Aviation Camping areas. As always, pilots should use extra caution whenever taxiing off of paved surfaces.

Showplane areas at Oshkosh are also affected, but temporary space has been found for anticipated showplane arrivals.

Fond du Lac (FLD) is is open for camping and parking aircraft.

Appleton (ATW) is accepting parking aircraft; camping is not allowed at Appleton.

Aircraft seeking aircraft camping or parking are also being accepted at Manitowoc (MTW), West Bend (ETB), Stevens Point (STE), Watertown (RYV), Portage (C47), and Dodge County (UNU).

Showplane Areas

Oshkosh showplane camping and parking areas are currently open for new arrivals. These areas accommodate:
- Experimental aircraft (homebuilts)
- Vintage Aircraft (manufactured prior to 1971)
- Warbirds
- Seaplanes
- Rotorcraft
- Ultralights

General Aviation Areas

The General Aviation Camping and Parking areas were closed to new arrivals this morning. New taxi routes are being developed and these areas are anticipated to be opened later today. Watch for updated status on this site and on the arrival ATIS.

Tips for all arriving pilots

Have the latest NOTAM and ATIS information from Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH) prior to your arrival. Be sure to have a copy of the 2010 AirVenture NOTAM with you when you arrive.

Note new arrival ATIS frequency: 125.9.

The parking status information from this page is also available via a recorded telephone message at 920-230-7820.

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