Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday 7/24 update #9: Aircraft arrivals

It's been a long day for the aircraft ops group, but one that brought some significant progress. Tom Poberezny noted that Sunday's goal is to open some sort of homebuilt and vintage parking on Sunday morning. Vintage will be moving some planes from Taxiway Papa to the Vintage parking area as a test early Sunday. If all goes well, additional vintage aircraft will be placed and homebuilts will also be moved into parking areas.

In the warbirds area, some light aircraft are being positioned on turf parking areas, but the bomber line area probably needs another day of drying. Runway 4/22 and other hard surfaces are serving as excellent temporary parking locations for other warbird aircraft.

In the North 40, crews will assess the situation on Sunday morning. It's likely that transient aircraft camping and parking will remain closed through at least Sunday morning, with a further determination being made at that time. The big "super sucker" trucks that have been vacuuming water from throughout the grounds this weekend could be employed in some areas.

One other note: since many aircraft were or will be delayed in arriving at Oshkosh this weekend, more time to arrive on Monday is being explored. Necessary adjustments to allow more arrivals would change the showcase flying and air show schedule that day.

Time for everyone to rest a little. Kudos to all their efforts. They'll be back at it at sunrise (or sooner) on Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Will this opportunity afford the Seaplane Base to be expanded to the general grounds this year?