Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday 7/24 update #4: Aircraft arrivals

A sunny, breezy afternoon has helped the field conditions enough that we can start devising a plan for when we can start parking showplanes. The only question is when.
The goal today is to get showplanes, such as homebuilts and vintage aircraft, into position on hard surfaces near the flight line. That way, it will be easier to put them in parking and camping position as conditions allow.

The plan is based on areas that seem to be drying fastest. Homebuilts and ultralights would be brought in first, followed by vintage aircraft, then warbirds, and finally those who plan to park in the North 40. As we move showplanes off the hard surfaces on the north side, it will open more space for other aircraft there.

There is no exact time for that to occur, and it would be Sunday at the earliest. We are continuing to monitor each parking area hourly, and all parking will be done with the emphasis on aircraft and grounds safety. Inbound pilots can also monitor the AirVenture parking page at

In other updates, the Mooney mass arrival has been scrubbed and those aircraft will arrive individually. The Bonanzas will land in Manitowoc instead, and then bus to Oshkosh. A truck with their camping supplies will meet them at the North 40, and they will have a tent camping compound in the North 40.

In addition, exhibitor aircraft are being brought in individually and palced on hard surfaces. The only aircraft that are delayed are heavier aircraft that will be exhibited on turf areas.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this information. We are North 40 campers. It's very helpful to our planning. Because of your up-to-date info, we can stay in the Chicago area tonight rather than getting in the way in Oshkosh or Fond du Lac. We hope you'll give us the news as soon as we can come on up and, if you can't, then predictions would be appreciated. We won't hold you to them! For North 40 cross country flyers, you might recommend their landing at KUGN (Waukegan, IL) where sleeping and eating facilities can be found.