Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday 7/24 update #10: Camp Scholler arrivals

Lots of camper activity today, and we're going to close Camp Scholler registration for the night (it's about 8:15 pm CDT). The campground needs some additional time to dry for tent and small-unit campers, and we're arranging for more hard surface for the big Class A-type rigs.

Check back in the morning, around 6:30 am and we'll have an update. Thanks for your patience with a situation that most of us haven't seen before at Oshkosh, and especially thanks to all the volunteers for putting in a very long day.


Anonymous said...

Most of the campground roads are impassible due to mud. I am camped at 39th near Elm and as of today (Sat.) I barely got out with 4wd and mud tires. I will attempt to get back to my camper tomorrow(Sunday). No, I could not drive back to my camper today and I don't when I will be able to get my camper off EAA ground. Good Luck to all!

Anonymous said...

We all appreciate your situation and hard work. In past wet years you used a lot of mulch. I have not seen any this year, was just wondering why.
Thank you,

doug_nebert said...

Ready for an update. It's 7am in FLD and we have a few dozen planes eager to find a more permanent camping ground.